Сreative art studio directed by Alexey Kulikov


Sculptarch (Architectons)

While turning to the background of early Russian constructivism and to dynamic compositions and experimental projects of the Zhivskulptarch group in particular Alexey Kulikov made those concepts his starting point and by incorporating modern demands and technical capabilities he stated and realized some new goals. Thus in 2007 he created a series of architectural objects named Space Architechtons which has been presented on the exhibition “Space: Spoken language is Russian” in 2007 in Luxembourg as a part of the official program of “The Luxembourg and Greater Region: The European Capital of Culture 2007”.

Modular car transformer

Now every person can afford a car which he/she deems appropriate, beautiful and comfortable.

We suggest a new method of constructing a car body. Modern materials and technologies provide this possibility

A car body produced with the module autotransformer method allows to keep the inside comfort while changing the exterior of the car.

Module design provides an unlimited number of possibilities.