Modular autotransformer

A car body produced with the module autotransformer plays a role of a safety shield covering the car body and functioning both as passive and active security system.

Active security system developed within the Autotransformer project damps force of an impact, prevents deformation of the base car body around passengers, as well as decreases passengers’ acceleration inside the car.

Module elements covering the body may have various textures. Textures of particular types may considerable increase aerodynamic qualities of a car. The retarding torque can be decreased which allows to save more than 10% of fuel.

The advantages of a modular vehicle transformer:

Modules are interchangeable: one module can be replaced by another with a different function while the vehicle is in use,

Modules can be recycled separately in a differentiated way.


Using the module autotransformer it is possible to clone a retro car.


Created and directed by Alexei Kulikov

Creative Group:
Daria Gerasimova,
Vasily Kiselev
Alexei Karnakov,
Vera Morozova
Alexander Kalistova.