In 2000-2001 Alexey Kulikov created a number of plastic pieces of work (sculptures) for their further implementation in architectural forms.

Owing to the development and artistic interpretation of Kazemir Malevich’ ideas (suprematism) the author has arrived at the idea to crystallize them into architectural objects such as apartments and social buildings. Their rigid design forms bionic structures both in exterior aspect and interior decorations.

These objects are universal, self-sufficient, and autonomous. Their visual and technological interaction with the environment is based on the principle of contrast, determination in a certain place and – at the same time – in any place of the Universe and the Globe, as well as providing of the comfort existence of a Human Being within the building

These fulgent technocratic “creatures” in the form of architectural objects situated in the infinite cosmic space or in the wides of our Earth are like lighthouses that attract our attention, invite us and show us the way. Each of them and their integrity compose a special semiotic system which shows the level of territory development and sets standards to create particular living conditions

Vivid and glaring technocratic “beings” – architectural objects on the face of our planet or in every other point of the Universe – they draw attention guiding and beaconing the way. Each one or altogether they tie into distinctive sign system for declaring the degree of claimed and domesticated territories and establishing the standard for specific living conditions.

In accordance with their anthropomorphic (humanlike) architectural systems, all the Architections are functional and just as living organism they have definite arrangement of their functional system

Buildings have systems of excretion and feeding which are provide by using solar energy by the whole surface of the building. Central ventilation system is in special rooms and engineering structures, and auxiliary ventilation system and air conditioning are split in the whole building. A wide use of hydraulics is possible to supply building engineering systems.

Architectons can exist in aggressive media that are not suitable for human existence.

“Armour building” design, that is, its degree of openness, integration into local environment, ecological component, energy sources, and power consumption, is determined and depends on the particular location of these objects.

Thereby creativity of this concept is determined by the pronounced egocentrism of anthropomorphous and zoomorphic architectural aspect (not a naturalistic but a symbol one) and by the functionality of their separate parts which is customary to a human being.


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Created and directed by
Alexei Kulikov.

Creative Group:
Mikhail Gorodilov Dmitry Rudko