Alexey Kulikov’s biography

Alexey Kulikov has been a member of the Artists Union of the USSR since 1977. And since 1970 he has participated in numerous fine arts exhibitions in Russia and abroad. He works in monumental painting, easel graphics and industrial design.
His profound interest in communicative aspects of art – art as a means of communication, the urge to present the Man as creator of the new environment, as augmenter of nature’s limitations in his historical destination – has led him to radical rethinking the tasks of art. Thus the attributes of his artistic method are analytical universalisation of controversial reality, purification from sporadic instances and search for “formulaic beauty” while revealing the essence and inner structure of the world.
Works by Alexey Kulikov can be seen in Russian, German and Ukrainian museums and are found in private art collections in the USA, Germany and Russia.
In 1999 together with another artist V.A. Larionova he established the "L&K" charitable foundation with the purpose of creative youth’s art promotion.

Alexey Kulikov’s works can be seen at:

The State Tretyakov Gallery Moscow Russia
Schusev State Museum of Architecture Moscow RussiaS
The memorial museum of cosmonauticsG Moscow Russia
The Union of Artists of Russia
The Ministry of Culture of Russia Museum of the Black Sea Fleet (Sevastopol)
Museum der Stadt Lunen (Deutschland) Das Deutsche Bergbau-Museum Bochum (DBM)